Blue Ribbon
Ad Hoc Advisory Committees

Assessing Needs

Identify needs and strengths and gaps in programs and services for women and girls in Sacramento County. Conduct “How Are The Women & Girls?” listening circles and surveys throughout Sacramento County and providing analysis of the information.


Co-Chairs: Vicki Boyd, Dina Howard, Nilda Valmores

Members: Suzan Boulard Caroline Cabias, Lisa Culp, Shayne Correia-Fernandez, April Jean, Eulonda Lea, Ali Lichtenstein, Lina Malova, Jamaica Sowell, Shannon Dominguez-Stevens, Jessie Tientcheu.


Data and Information

Identify current data and data needs regarding women and girls in Sacramento County.

Co-Chairs: Alexis Blount, PhD., Tonya Lindsey, PhD.

Members: Sean Harrison, Marty McKnew, Shannon William



Identify current resources for women and girls in Sacramento County, including strengths and gaps.

Co-Chairs: Charmen Goehring, Zima Creason

Members: Lee Battershell, PJ Missman, Emily Bender


Women’s Commission Models

Identify the structure, role, value and responsibilities of women’s commissions to date, including commissions, and research and share how and why other California counties have established women’s commissions.

Co-Chairs: Danielle Metzinger, Susan Stone

Members: Carol Enns, Linda Farley, Marian Johnston, Bernice Bass de Martinez, Jaclyn Moreno, Boatamo Mosupyoe



Identify issues of particular importance and relevance to youth and advise the Blue Ribbon Commission on youth related issues.

Co-Chairs: Maya Howard, Alana Ramsay

Members: Linda Farley, Crystal Harding, Chantay White, Debra Whitman


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