Support women and girls in Sacramento County


The Blue Ribbon Commission is working to better understand the lived experiences of women and girls in Sacramento County. We welcome your input, insight and understanding about how women and girls can best be served in Sacramento County.

Host A Listening Circle

Host a Listening Circle with your organization or group to share your thoughts about women and girls in Sacramento County. We provide support and a toolkit with everything you need to host your own We can also connect you with Women’s Wisdom Art which has partnered with us to incorporate participatory art as another mode of expression in our circles. Click here for information about the Women’s Wisdom Art component.


Due to COVID-19, Listening Circles can be held via Zoom.


Click below to watch our featured video by the Sacramento Bee


Assessing Needs

Identifies needs, programs and services for women and girls in Sacramento County. Conducts surveys and organizes “How Are The Women & Girls?” Listening Circles throughout Sacramento County.


Researches current resources available for women and girls in Sacramento County and identifies strengths and gaps in resources.

Commission Models

Researches women’s commission models, and how and why other California counties have established women’s commissions. Identifies the structure, role, value and responsibilities of women’s commissions.


Identifies issues of particular importance and relevance to youth and advises the Blue Ribbon Commission on youth related issues. 

Data and information

Researches data available regarding women and girls in Sacramento County. Identifies strengths, needs and gaps in current data.

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To join the Youth Committee, please contact