Since 2018, a volunteer group of over 50 women have been meeting and listening to women and girls in Sacramento County about establishing a Sacramento County Commission For Women and Girls.  On July 23, 2019 the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors recognized the efforts of this ad hoc grass-roots effort which has come to be known as “Sacramento For Women & Girls.”  The Board passed a resolution to continue their work under the auspices of a Blue Ribbon Commission.  The Blue Ribbon Commission is mandated to carefully deliberate and understand the needs of women and girls in Sacramento County and to explore the establishment of a Sacramento County Women’s Commission.


The Board’s unanimous action… demonstrates the seriousness with which we acknowledge the pressing need for gender equality in all aspects of governance, public policy, and community.

Like other women’s commissions from across California, ours should be the product of thoughtful consideration and that’s why we’re taking the time to work with local advocates to form an effective and deliberate advisory body.

Phil Serna

First District Supervisor
Sacramento County Board of Supervisors