Sacramento County women’s commission seeks applicants | The Sacramento Bee

Sacramento County women’s commission seeks applicants | The Sacramento Bee

Want to help women in Sacramento?
This new commission is seeking applicants

Sacramento County may get commission to study women issues
A new commission to investigate and address challenges faced by women and girls in the Sacramento County, California area is being considered. The group would look for solutions to economic and social issues. By Akira Olivia Kumamoto
Demonstrators march down 9th Street from Southside Park to the state Capitol holding signs and banners during the fourth annual Women’s March Sacramento on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020. Lezlie Sterling

Want to help Sacramento County women and girls overcome economic, social and judicial inequities? There’s a new commission for it, and it’s looking for commissioners.

The county is seeking applicants as it puts together its inaugural commission on the status of women and girls, focused on advancing gender equity, justice, and well-being.

The new commission, approved by the Board of Supervisors in December, has been years in the making. Inspired by the 2017 Women’s March, local activists and advocacy groups started hosting a series of listening circles in shelters, schools and community centers across the county to understand the needs of women and girls, and explore potential solutions.

Twenty-six cities and counties already have established women’s commission. Some focus on data collection and analysis, while others have support shelters and in-person training. Others do a mix of both, such as Santa Clara and San Francisco’s commissions, which have funded research and prevention programs related to intimate partner violence and women’s safety.

Sacramento County already has services that target women, in particular programs focused on domestic violence prevention, homelessness and healthcare access. The commission is intended to help county leaders better assess the success of those services, while also identify gaps and opportunities for leveraging resources for women.

The commission comes as women across the state have borne the brunt the economic impacts of COVID-19: More women than men have lost their jobs during the pandemic, a disparity that persists even as the state’s economy recovers. Experts have raised concerns that the trend could exacerbate gender pay disparities that had shown signs of improvements in the last few decades.

Any Sacramento Country resident, business owner, employee or person with demonstrated leadership in the county can apply to the new commission, so long as they have a passion for supporting women and girls.

The board will be made up of 15 commissioners, including three youth positions — two spots for those 14 to 18 years old, and one for those 18 to 21 years old. Five seats will represent each county district, while the other seven seats will be at-large representatives.

Applications can be found on the county website. Applications must be submitted by mail or in person to the clerk of the board at 700 H St., Suite 2450, Sacramento, CA, 95814. Applications cannot be submitted via email or fax.

Applications are due April 16. Commissioners are expected to be sworn in by June, with commission starting work in August.

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